Brisingamen Pentacle

Personal Pentacle

Personal pentacle – talismans are designed to renew the connection with the patrons, the Guardian angel and the Archangel-patron. They should always be with you. To intensify their influence you can fortalize pentacle-talisman with special aromas. Find a Date of Birth (DOB) from the special list. You will receive the image of your pentacle. The size of the unpacked pentacle may vary from 3 to 9 cm (1-4 inches) depends […]

Large Sterling Silver Pentacle

Pentacle with planet signs

Personal Pentacle with planet signs from a magic square is especially created for the achievement of certain specific goals, overseen by the planet-patron of each zodiacal sign. Among those goals can be, for example, the fulfillment of your wishes, the attraction of luck, love and health. In other words, this pentacle has more influence on the goal achievement, than the basic personal pentacle for protection. Find a Date of Birth […]

Pentacle of Mars Talisman

Pentacle of the winner

Pentacle of the winner Helps to resolve various disputes and to win judicial cases. It also helps you to get rid of enemies or to restrain them. The seal helps to direct the energy of Mars on you, so that you could influence your enemies, make them afraid of you and win all the battles. Find a Date of Birth (DOB) from the special list. You will receive the image […]

Wiccan Pentacle Jewelry and Pentagram

Pentacle of love and good luck

Pentacle of love & good luck brings love, wealth, good luck, and harmony in relations, profits in business, a power over ill-wishers and enemies. It also helps to have an eminent social status. The seal collects the energy of Jupiter to increase your wealth and love, to make you loved and cared for. It also helps to deal with all relationship difficulties. Find a Date of Birth (DOB) from the […]

Glowing Pentacle Photo

Pentacle of health and protection

Pentacle of health & protection Protects from illnesses, accidents, makes you strong, successful in studies and business. The pentacle helps to promote the services or the business, and it helps to resolve the disputes in your favor. The seal is used to direct on you the influence of Saturn. This will bring you luck in your affairs, increase your abilities and strengthens the business abilities. Many scientists (with M. Ficino […]

Pentacle image

Pentacle of family well-being

Pentacle of family well-being helps against loneliness. Brings peace and calmness to family. It also cures melancholy, depression and uncertainty in your powers. The seal attracts the energy of Venus, it also attracts the harmony to in your family relationship. A pentacle like this helps to feel love and care better, to renew love and passion in the families and to solve all the problems you may encounter during your […]

Pentacle picture

Pentacle of celebrity

Pentacle of celebrity helps you to fell you’re the greatest person in this world, you’re becoming the lord of your own life. It attracts luck and popularity in all spheres of life. This seal can be used to collect the energy of the Sun. This energy gives you the strength to improve yourself more and more, brings success and, of course, charisma. Find a Date of Birth (DOB) from the […]

Pentacle sticker pentagram

Pentacle Fulfillment of wishes

Pentacle of wishes can help you get rid of poverty, and fulfill any dream. It also makes the person more alert, capable of foreseeing, strengthens intuition through imagination and dreams. The seal can be used for collecting the energy of Mercury. This planet, as Agrippa said, attracts fortune and luck, and helps you fight the poverty, absent-mindedness. It helps you to concentrate on your wishes and fulfill them thought the mysterious […]

Tree Pentacle picture

Pentacle for travelers

Pentacle for travelers protects you during you journey, trip or while traveling. The Pentacle for travelers helps to leave unpleasant situations behind, protects from thieves, drives away malicious people and foes. Helps to be out-going and to avoid confusing situations. The seal is intended for travelers to make them healthier, more protected, and richer and, as a result, happier. The pentacle directs the energy of the Moon for making all […]

Popular Evil Eye Necklace

Pentacle is a Evil Eye Pendants

In many cultures it has been considered that evil eye spreads hunger to a waste level and misery tyranny and injustice and even death. The initial victims are the new born babies and the young ones. According to the ancient Greek mythology all these evil eyes are protected by Evil Eye Pendants the Greeks used to carry metal made eye with them for good luck and prosperity and as their savior […]