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Beauty and Power in Lucky Pentacles: Key of Solomon

Stylistically akin to the greatly powerful seals and sigils found in the classic tome of occult teachings ‘The Key of Solomon’, the lucky pentacle is steeped in history and secrecy. Incorporating alchemical symbols, astrological influences and many other factors into their stunning visual appeal, the beautiful symbols evoke potent ancient powers based in the elements of our natural world. With the richly intricate detailing of each and every lucky pentacle, […]


The history of Lucky Pentacle

    Pentacle is a talisman for magical rituals that is made of vellum, metal or paper (well, the material can differ; it’s not the most important factor). Pentacle is used as a tool to create the power during spirit-calling.    Pentacle shouldn’t be identified with a Pentagram. Pentacle has a great history that has started a long time ago. Through centuries it was modified and changed. Sometimes it belonged to good, […]

Flower Bouquet And Red Love Heart

To Find Ideal Love

Across the world many people believe in luck in the world in the neighborhood of about 80% of people believe in happiness, ideal love and their aspirations, are also related to its intended charm good luck, enabling them to increase the happiness and good fortune quite different types of stimuli, their physical strength and metal well. citizenry who have potent trust in “Supreme Power” choose to fag charm good luck […]

Magic Seals of Solomon Pentacles

Renew the art of creating of own Lucky Pentacle

Have you ever wondered why some people seems to have good luck and others do not? It can be very frustrating when you see other people having all the good fortune and you seemingly end up with all of the bad fortune. Up to this point in time, nobody seems to be able to give a good reason for this. We should renew the art of creating of own pentacle […]

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Power talismans and good luck charms

The Pentacle is dealt an amulet that is employed for wizardly invocations, rituals, and pieces. It is considered the symbol of the spirit which it relies to increase strength and energy of these spells and rituals. Pentacle is often used for protection against demons and negative entities. All but of the multitude believe in Effective Hazard, attracting Benevolent Fortune, bearing honorable portion charms, amulets, and a good luck deal several. […]