Incense Power

Pyramid incense burner

Smell is a powerful thing. Smells bring memories, reactions, and subconscious feelings. Smells can be pleasant or unpleasant; they can even point out our potential partners, according to science. Smells, scents, aromas they have been used for years to bring out sensual reactions, cleanse the air of other smells, and please the gods or any other higher being.

Incense is a tool which has been used in many religions and ceremonies for almost as long as there has been religion and ceremonies. Incense in its basic form is a natural aromatic item; woods which smell nice when burned, like the highly used sandalwood, leaves like sage, and saps from trees are examples. Incense is used in many religions. Buddhism and Hinduism use incense for clearing their minds. Roman Catholics with their thuribles use it to communicate with God.

Incense Images

Let the smell take you, let it focus you and then call upon what you need.

Don’t know what scent to use or who to call upon? Here is a list according to the Magician’s Companion by Bill Whitcomb: Llewellyn Publications, 1997.

Zodiac sign – Incense -Archangel-Angel:
AriesDragons Blood – Malchidael -Sharhiel
AquariusGalbanum – Cambriel-Tzakmiqiel
Cancer Onycha – Muriel-Pakiel
CapricornMusk – Hanael-Sameqiel
GeminiWormwood – Ambriel-Sarayel
LeoOlibanum – Verchiel-Sharatiel
LibraGalbanum – Zuriel-Chedeqiel
PiscesAmbergris – Amnixiel-Vakabiel
SagittariusCinnamon – Advachiel-Saritiel
ScorpioBenzoin – Barchiel-Saitziel
TaurusVervain – Asmodel- Araziel
VirgoNarcissus – Hamaliel-Shelathiel

Sage and Incense

Call on what or who you need for help, if you are more comfortable with Angels than Zodiac signs use those, or vice verse.

The making of incense cones, sticks, and coils is highly specialized; there are schools devoted to it in Japan. Sticks require expertise to make them burn steadily and the ingredients are complex. Basically, anything natural and fragrant combined with heat is used as incense. Incense is a useful tool to help with the focus, of your mind and of the energies around you.

15 Photos of the Incense Power

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