Pentacle is a Evil Eye Pendants

14k gold evil eye charm

In many cultures it has been considered that evil eye spreads hunger to a waste level and misery tyranny and injustice and even death. The initial victims are the new born babies and the young ones. According to the ancient Greek mythology all these evil eyes are protected by Evil Eye Pendants the Greeks used to carry metal made eye with them for good luck and prosperity and as their savior from every kind of harm from evil.

The belief spread more that evil eye can harm any belongings if it is praised or discussed by others. So Evil Eye Pendants are held within themselves for the protection of their loved ones. The history of evil eye is older than centuries and coming with Hesiod, Plato, and Deodars.

Evil Eye Pendants

If we read old Greek writers they have mentioned Evil Eye Pendants in their books for many times. Viewing these posts it can be noticed that the fear from evil eye has been with the human race from the beginning.

And along that evil eye pendants have been considered rescuing people from the evil and bad hidden realities of life that can’t be avoided.

People with the evil eye have existed in this world. By who’s one look or glance or steer could bring tyranny or hunger or disease or even death to people. Many families suffered the loss of their loved ones with this and then the concept of Evil Eye Pendants came and it made them believe that evil eye pendants keep the evil eye away from people and it cannot harm you. And it’s even said that no one used to look towards the person who was considered evil eyes. But the belief on Evil Eye Pendants was so strong that people wearing them started looking into the eyes of the evil eye people.

14k gold evil eye charm

Islamic doctrine also discusses the evil eye as the PROPHET MOHAMMAD (PBUH) said once “the influence of an evil eye is a fact”. By this saying we realize that evil eye is a reality and we should be aware of that. Whenever anyone praises any belonging we should be careful. And must take precautions for  Evil  Eye  Pendants otherwise it can destroy our property our live stock our belongings our crops even our children.

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