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Your guardian Angels on Your Shoulder

In the realm of the unknown are spiritual entities that are designated to help individuals understand their lives through angles while offering assistance and protection. Guardian Angels are one of the spiritual entities that are designated to assist humans with various battles and spiritual matters. The main purpose of an Angel is to provide spiritual protection and guidance to those that have specific spiritual needs. Beyond the main purpose of a Guardian Angel are specific guidelines that each must follow to offer the correct protection and guidance.

Guardian Angels

The nature of Guardian Angels is primarily to govern over certain arenas of life. There are two main areas in which they reside, including the regions and the elements. Other Guardian Angels are designated to assist specific individuals for protection during battles and to guide them throughout their life. However, there are other Guardian Angels that are assigned to certain regions of the earth because of their specific characteristics. Having roles in different arenas is also a primary role of Guardian Angels. This includes protection and assistance over the elements, during times of the day, during season and to assist and regulate the motions of the stars.

Guardian Angel

For the natural role of Guardian Angels to take place, they are required to have a ranking to provide order to the universe. At the highest rank are those who converse with God, which are seven main Angels, including Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Haniel. The Angels then continue rank in various areas of the heavens, each which has a role in protecting these specific regions. The next highest rank includes the Angels of the planets. This is followed by spirits in the Empyrean Heaven, Primium Mobile and through the Earth.

The specific role that the Angels play not only descends with rank, but also combines this with a connection made with humans. The most known connection is through the individual Guardian Angels that are designated to assist humans throughout their life by providing guidance and new Angles, known as Geniis. Other Angels play different roles in religion and for groups of people. Most specifically, Angels that are known in religions work as intermediaries between people and messages that are sent from God. Other Angels will be sent into specific religions as a form of protection from other elements.

The assistance that the Angels are able to provide to humans is furthered by the powers that specific Angels have. These are in alignment with the expectations of the Angels and the power they are designated to hold, according to rank. For instance, each Angel has a specific planet, time and day in which their energies and powers work most effectively. More than this, they are able to align this with the Zodiac, which provides specific times and seasons in which the Guardian Angels have more power to protect. For instance, if you call on the Angels that align within the time of Gemini, then they can use the power of smell to help with protection and guidance. If you call on an Angel in the time of Pisces, then sleep will be the power used to protect and guide. Understanding the twelve Zodiac signs and the potential powers that are used in relation to them can then provide you with the correct assistance during each season.

About Guardian Angels

Even though Guardian Angels are known for their specific powers and protection, many have grown into superstitions derived from cultural and religious influences. For instance, in the Christian belief system, Guardian Angels are said to stay at the foot and head of one’s bed during rest. Many also state that these Angels are from people whose souls have departed from the earth. In Arabic tradition, many state that Angels come from a bright, light gem, while humans come from clay. Natural phenomena that occur in many regions of the earth are said to be attributed to Angels as well, such as sudden weather shifts or earthly patterns.

The several components that are a part of Guardian Angels define an invisible part of the universe that carries protection, guidance and development of the earth. The different concepts that are intertwined with this include specific energies and organization of Angels that are designed to watch over every component of the universe.

Capacity of the said Angels and the things over which they have power:
Aries: Eyesight
Taurus: Hearing
Gemini: Smell
Cancer: Speech
Leo: Congress
Virgo: Taste
Libra: Operation
Scorpio: Walking
Sagittarius: Anger
Capricorn: Laughter
Aquarius: Conjecture
Pisces: Sleep

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