Pentacle sticker pentagram

Pentacle Fulfillment of wishes

Pentacle of wishes can help you get rid of poverty, and fulfill any dream. It also makes the person more alert, capable of foreseeing, strengthens intuition through imagination and dreams. The seal can be used for collecting the energy of Mercury. This planet, as Agrippa said, attracts fortune and luck, and helps you fight the poverty, absent-mindedness. It helps you to concentrate on your wishes and fulfill them thought the mysterious […]

Third Pentacle Of Mercury

Pentacle for travelers

Pentacle for travelers protects you during you journey, trip or while traveling. The Pentacle for travelers helps to leave unpleasant situations behind, protects from thieves, drives away malicious people and foes. Helps to be out-going and to avoid confusing situations. The seal is intended for travelers to make them healthier, more protected, and richer and, as a result, happier. The pentacle directs the energy of the Moon for making all […]

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Pentacle is a Evil Eye Pendants

In many cultures it has been considered that evil eye spreads hunger to a waste level and misery tyranny and injustice and even death. The initial victims are the new born babies and the young ones. According to the ancient Greek mythology all these evil eyes are protected by Evil Eye Pendants the Greeks used to carry metal made eye with them for good luck and prosperity and as their savior […]

Guardian Angels

The nature of Guardian Angels

In the realm of the unknown are spiritual entities that are designated to help individuals understand their lives through angles while offering assistance and protection. Guardian Angels are one of the spiritual entities that are designated to assist humans with various battles and spiritual matters. The main purpose of an Angel is to provide spiritual protection and guidance to those that have specific spiritual needs. Beyond the main purpose of […]

Ideal love vs real love

To Find Ideal Love

Across the world many people believe in luck in the world in the neighborhood of about 80% of people believe in happiness, ideal love and their aspirations, are also related to its intended charm good luck, enabling them to increase the happiness and good fortune quite different types of stimuli, their physical strength and metal well. citizenry who have potent trust in “Supreme Power” choose to fag charm good luck […]

What Does your Zodiac Sign Say

Magic Oils for Your Zodiac Sign

Incense when burned has a soothing aroma and is used to invite the attendance and the intervention of saints and Angels to churches during services and, of course, in the privacy of your own home and sanctuary during your prayers. Although, astrology is not a religion in the conventional beliefs of our community, many astrologers use the burning of incense other than frankincense to awaken their spiritual centers and to […]

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Why Use the Pentacle?

From ancient magic to modern day horoscopes and Zodiac signs, occultism is about symbols. While horoscopes are hardly limited to a few enlightened people (and most everyone is familiar with at least one of the Zodiac symbols), Astrology itself remains much more esoteric, as do many of the other magics and occult traditions, that have continued. We have integrated many old world magic arts into the modern one, such as […]

Pyramid incense burner

Incense Power

Smell is a powerful thing. Smells bring memories, reactions, and subconscious feelings. Smells can be pleasant or unpleasant; they can even point out our potential partners, according to science. Smells, scents, aromas they have been used for years to bring out sensual reactions, cleanse the air of other smells, and please the gods or any other higher being. Incense is a tool which has been used in many religions and […]

Magic Seals of Solomon

Renew the art of creating of own Lucky Pentacle

Have you ever wondered why some people seems to have good luck and others do not? It can be very frustrating when you see other people having all the good fortune and you seemingly end up with all of the bad fortune. Up to this point in time, nobody seems to be able to give a good reason for this. We should renew the art of creating of own pentacle […]

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Power talismans and good luck charms

The Pentacle is dealt an amulet that is employed for wizardly invocations, rituals, and pieces. It is considered the symbol of the spirit which it relies to increase strength and energy of these spells and rituals. Pentacle is often used for protection against demons and negative entities. All but of the multitude believe in Effective Hazard, attracting Benevolent Fortune, bearing honorable portion charms, amulets, and a good luck deal several. […]