Good luck pentacle

Sample of a pentacle

In addition to the personal pentacle, you can choose from one of the other pentacles, including the talisman pentacle with planet signs, the pentacle of the winner, the pentacle for the protection of travelers, the pentacle of total recognition and celebrity, the pentacle of fertility and family well-being, the pentacle of the fulfillment of wishes, the pentacle of love and good luck or the pentacle of health and protection. Create […]

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Pentacle’s description

  Your personal pentacle talisman looks like a double circle with a pentagon inscribed within. Circles have signified protection from evil for ages. In the corners of a pentagon there are the 4 signs of the 4 elements that influence humans. The upper point of the pentagon is the sign of the Sanctifier. According to your date of birth there are “signatures” of your Guardian Angels and Archangels, as well […]

Talisman pentacle

How to Increase the Power of Lucky Pentacle?

  The Lucky Pentacle is a tool just like any other. Just as you would prepare any work surface before using a tool – as you would sand your wood before painting it, or clean debris away before applying glue – so you must also prepare your mind and spirit for the Lucky Pentacle.   If you want to increase the power of the Lucky Pentacle, first you must familiarize […]

Necklace Pentacle Pentagram Pendant

Choose a pentacle

Carefully read the description of the talisman pentacles, and check those that you are interested in. You can choose several types of pentacles for good luck and protection, suitable for all life circumstances. By creating a pentacle, you have made possibly the most important step of your life  – you have activated the Formula of Success: “Be at the right place at the right time!” To register, you will have […]

Pentacle for travelers DOB 01/19 – 02/18

Pentacle for travelers DOB 02/19 – 03/18

Pentacle for travelers DOB 03/19 – 04/18

Pentacle for travelers DOB 04/19 – 05/19

Pentacle of health&protection DOB 01/19 – 02/18

Pentacle of love&good luck DOB 01/19 – 02/18