Renew the art of creating of own Lucky Pentacle

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Have you ever wondered why some people seems to have good luck and others do not? It can be very frustrating when you see other people having all the good fortune and you seemingly end up with all of the bad fortune. Up to this point in time, nobody seems to be able to give a good reason for this.

We should renew the art of creating of own pentacle talismans

In ancient times everyone, beggars and kings alike, had their own pentacle. The most famous lucky pentacle was that of Solomon. People wore pentacles around their necks and kept them in their homes so that luck would be upon them and hold misfortune at bay. Magic signs of the planets, signatures of Guardian Angels, images of the four elements – water, earth, fire and air – were all signs that ancient peoples paid attention to. Each figure was endowed with magic and given great respect.

Lucky Star Origami

Should modern culture return to the ways of the ancients? Should we respect and use the traditional lucky symbols of our culture? Some say that a person of one culture cannot use the symbol of another culture for it will not have the same beneficial effect; however, this presents a problem in our modern era when the lines between cultures tend to be blurred. How we to know which cultural symbol are is best for us if we are a mixture of many cultures?

Today, logos and trademarks have taken the place of the ancient symbols, at least in part. It appears that people crave the ancient symbolism. Tattoos draw from this traditional symbolism and the power of the pentacle. We should renew the art of creating of own pentacle talismans. These new individual pentacle talismans must be true to each person and those who can guard us. A pentacle should draw on positive energy, not twisted negative energy. Perhaps by focusing on the positive energy of personal pentacle talismans, our fortune will increase and we will be more content with our lives.

Create and Get a pentacle

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  1. ayman says:

    My date of birth is 19 September 1966 and would like to receive the pentacle of love, good luck and fortune. thank you

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