The history of Lucky Pentacle

symbol of protection

    Pentacle is a talisman for magical rituals that is made of vellum, metal or paper (well, the material can differ; it’s not the most important factor). Pentacle is used as a tool to create the power during spirit-calling.    Pentacle shouldn’t be identified with a Pentagram. Pentacle has a great history that has started a long time ago. Through centuries it was modified and changed. Sometimes it belonged to good, sometimes – to the evil.

    The name of pentacle has also evolved through time and languages. Its origins were found in Latin, but it was revived in French and Italian. However, it used to signify any amulet in French, without specifying its type. Being very ancient and antique, the pentacle shows the eternal interaction of the humankind and the nature, their life abreast. It shows the God and His relations with other creatures on Earth. A pentacle was used for the protection of temples, for the different magic potions, for the meditation. In Medieval times it was adapted for the casual needs. Pentacles were drawn on the houses in order to guard homes from the evil spirits.


    Creation of pentacles was fully described in 4th Book of Occult Philosophy: “But we now come to speak of the holy and sacred Pentacles and Sigils. Now these pentacles are as if they were certain holy signs preserving us from evil chances and events, and helping and assisting us to bind, exterminate, and drive away evil spirits, and to allure the good spirits, and to reconcile them unto us. And these pentacles consist either of Characters of the good spirits of the superior order, or of sacred pictures of holy letters or revelations, with the appropriate and fitting inscriptions, which are composed either of Geometrical figures and holy names of God, according to the course and manner of many of them; or they are compounded of all of them, or a mix of great number of them”.

The Seal of Solomon is considered to be the most well-known pentacle in history. The owner of Seal, Solomon was a great governor and a powerful magician. He was respected when he was alive and he’s still respected nowadays for his wisdom and power. Every single pentacle he made himself was designed for some certain kind of magic ritual. Although pentacle seems like pentagram, it doesn’t contain a number 5. Even with 5 points made on it, it was more like a hexagram.

Greate Solomon’s Seal
pentacle of king solomon

symbol of protection

    Each edge of the pentacle consists of the 4 Elements – Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Apart from them, there’s also a Spirit, the only non-material element of the magic sign.

Earth is for the physical strength and tenacity. Fire is for the challenging and braveness. Water is for the anticipation and feelings. Air is for the art and cleverness. Spirit (at the highest point) is for the God and everything around us. This theory (one of the four classical elements) was created by the Greek philosopher, Empedocles in V century B.C., although the term “element” was first introduced by Plato. The theory has been a dogma during the following 2 millenniums.

Pentacle also has a circle around it. It’s the symbol of protection, of infinity and endless nature, the circle of life, its recurrence and uniqueness at the same time.

symbol of protection

    Like every planet has its name, it also has its sign. It has its own spirit and mind. And in the very high heaven there are Great Archangels, seven of them crossing Celestial Heavens. In the lower level there are 12 Zodiacal Angels who guard the very heaven and us on Earth. Pentacle has everything of it written on its sides.

    A pentacle has a wide range of possible shapes, ornaments, images and magic signs. Heinrich Agrippa thought the pentacles should be used for foreseeing the future, controlling the nature and supernatural powers.


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