How to Increase the Power of Lucky Pentacle?

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  The Lucky Pentacle is a tool just like any other. Just as you would prepare any work surface before using a tool – as you would sand your wood before painting it, or clean debris away before applying glue – so you must also prepare your mind and spirit for the Lucky Pentacle.

  If you want to increase the power of the Lucky Pentacle, first you must familiarize yourself with the teachings of the sacred Scriptures of your religion. If you want to maximize what your Lucky Pentacle can do for you, and have a better, more fulfilled life, you must heed God’s words and teachings.

The history of Lucky Pentacle

    In that great address, the sacred Scriptures of every religion says you should put anger aside as quickly as you can. Do not offer a gift to God while anger is in your heart towards another person. So should you do this when using the Lucky Pentacle. Forgive and make peace, and only then make use of the Lucky Pentacle.

   Before attempting to draw anything from the Lucky Pentacle, you should rid your heart of jealousy, of the desire for revenge, of lust, of judgment, and of worry. Instead, fill yourself with love and with mercy, for your enemies and your friends alike, and fill yourself with the desire to be the best person you can be. Perform many good deeds, but do them in secret and with modesty. Do not swear by the Lucky Pentacle or by anything else. Know that if you ask, you shall receive, as long as you have opened yourself to love and patience and forgiveness.

The history of Lucky Pentacle

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