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  Your personal pentacle talisman looks like a double circle with a pentagon inscribed within. Circles have signified protection from evil for ages. In the corners of a pentagon there are the 4 signs of the 4 elements that influence humans. The upper point of the pentagon is the sign of the Sanctifier. According to your date of birth there are “signatures” of your Guardian Angels and Archangels, as well as numbers from the magic square of your planet inside the circle. See a sample of a pentacle.

   In the very center of a pentagon the sign of your planet (in case you choose a personal pentacle-talisman), or the sign of Luck (if you choose to strengthen the pentacle’s influence in a specific way) can be inscribed. This can attract love, wealth, protection from enemies, etc.

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   All signs/signatures are exact copies of the drawings from the ancient manuscripts. Many of the signs used in pentacles are recognized by all religions. The general example of the pentacle-talisman can be seen here.

In ancient times Pentacles were made by people that possessed a special knowledge of magical signs. This ritual demanded the observance of strict rules. However, it did not exclude the influence of the person in control of the pentacle. In order for a pentacle to have power it must be redeemed immediately.

Your pentacles will be created by the passionless computer program, according to the algorithm. Therefore the influence of extraneous power is completely excluded. In ancient times clay plates, precious metals, and parchment were the materials used to create pentacles. That is not surprising considering the fact that paper was discovered much later.

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Unpack the pentacle on a blank sheet of paper. Tear a piece (do not cut off) so that it makes a square, and the pentacle is in the middle. Perform a pentacle activation ritual. In 7 days (if you followed all the instructions correctly) you will see how everything around you starts to change.

Unpacking the pentacle will reveal a sketch for a tattoo, and a pendant made of precious/semiprecious metals.

ATTENTION: The size of the unpacked pentacle may vary from 3 to 9 cm (1-4 inches). You should check (NONE) in the Page Size before printing to ensure the right size is used.

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